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My name is Carol Liguori Wolfe. I've been photographing wildflowers since the 1980s. My favorite subjects are the eastern forests and wildflowers of spring. I have diversified in recent years to include waterfalls, sunrises, foggy ponds, as well as insects, spiders, and spider webs. I have gone on a variety of photo adventures, including the upper peninsula of Michigan, Utah, the Badlands, Arizona, and the Great Smoky Mountains. 
The best way to contact me is by going to my Facebook fan page, "Carol Wolfe Photography." I check it fairly often and if you send me comments, I will find them there.!/pages/Carol-Wolfe-Photography/45399383010?ref=ts
Each year for the past several years, I have attended the Annual Wildflower Pilgrimage in Gatlinburg, TN, adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I have not only attended the event, but presented slide shows on 1) the spring wildflowers and 2) photographing wildflowers. The event takes place toward the end of April each year.
You can learn more about woodland wildflowers and my wildflower photography (as well as other things) by visiting my other website WOODLAND SPRING at

Reeds and Reflection

This photograph was selected for the New River Art 2007 Ninth Biennial Exhibition presented by the Blacksburg Regional Art Association. This was a juried art show, and my photograph was one of about 35 pieces accepted.

Carol Liguori Wolfe

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Dew Covered Damselfly

This photograph earned honorable mention in the National Wildlife Refuge Association 2008 Refuge Photo Contest. To find it there, follow the link and scroll down to the photo that is third from the bottom (due to alphabetical order). To see all my photos that were selected, check this link. which takes you to a black page with 3 file-folder tabs. Click the tab that says "Photos (9)." My 9 photos will appear.

Cinnamon Fern

Trout Lily

Dewy Grass

Rocky Stream

Sunset at Clingmans Dome

Tabby Cat

Dew-Covered Butterfly

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