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England, March 2011
Our family spent a week in England back in March 2011. We spent most of our time exploring London, but also visited Windsor Castle and Stonehenge. On this page, I will share some of my favorite shots. In the future, I will add additional photos from our July 2012 trip to London and Oxford.

Stonehenge was a highlight of our first family trip to England. We arrived just after the site closed to the public (at the end of the day) and our group of 50 people spent 45 minutes exploring the area. We got to walk in and among the rocks, including the inner circle. The stones were lit by warm afternoon sunlight, and the sun set just around the time we left.

Stonehenge, late afternoon March 2011

Here's the family, shortly after arriving to this amazing location.

A villa in Italy; Size=130 pixels wide

A black dog; Size=130 pixels wide

Gondolas in Venice; Size=130 pixels wide

A villa in Italy; Actual size=130 pixels wide

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