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Laughing Gulls

Sea Turtle at Aquarium

Herring Gull at Pier


On this page, you will see a variety of shots from the Jersey Shore. I was only there for one day during June 2008, and mostly I got shots of gulls. I also visted the aquarium and got a few shots there.

A Large Anchor

These boys provide a perspective on the size of this anchor. After getting this shot, we took a boat ride along the Atlantic City shore and got to see many dolphins.

Jelly Fish at Aquarium

By approaching this shot from an angle, I was able to avoid getting the reflection of the flash on the glass. I love the bright colors!

Laughing Gull and Reflection

I timed this shot carefully to capture the laughing gull and its reflection as it got ready to land. I like the way the waves distort the image in the reflection.


Laughing Gull with Food

While hanging out on the beach, not far from the casinos, I tried to get a variety of shots. It was fun to catch this lauging gull with food.

Sub-Adult Herring Gull

While standing on the beach, I turned the camera toward the sky. There were lots of birds, and due to their relatively large sizes, I could get some good shots with my 70-300 mm zoom lens.

Laughing Gull Flying

This is one of my favorite shots of the day. I used my 70-300 mm zoom lens, and zoomed in pretty tightly.

The next time I return to "Jersey" I will add more photos. Eventually I might add some other shots, like scenic shots from the Pine Barrens.

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