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Sunrise near Charleston, SC

Lochness Monster (just kidding)

Sunrise at Hilton Head


On this page, you will see a variety of shots from South Carolina. Photos include chilly sunrises from Hilton Head and Charleston, as well as a few coastal birds and scenic views at other times during the day. I will also include some landscapes from Congaree National Park, a large swamp located southeast of Coumbia, SC.

First Visit to the Ocean

This boy was nearly eight years old and had spent most of his life in Michigan. Though he had seen the "shore" of Lake Michigan, this was his first ever visit to the ocean. He collected lots of shells.

Charleston Sunrise

I decided to try a vertical shot because I wanted to capture the texture of the waves. This is one of my favorites because the waves form a variety of lines across the frame.

Ring-Billed Gull at Hilton Head

This ring-billed gull was hanging out on the beach while my boys collected shells. This is just a hand-held shot using my Nikon D40. That's the camera I usually use with the family.


Blustery Charleston Sunrise

Temperatures were below freezing on this January morning, and the wind reminded me of an Iowa blizzard. But this was the north end of Folly Beach in Charleston. My fingers nearly froze.

Backlit Waves After Sunrise

I got this shot a few minutes after the one shown to the left. The sun had risen above the horizon and cast backlight on the waves. I like the way the waves appear to glow.

Willet on the Beach at Hilton Head

This was a relatively warm December morning on a beach in Hilton Head, SC. It was a family vacation, so I kept photography to a minimum. I like the way the waves kind of curl around the willet's feet.

Sunset at Pickney Island

The tide was low, so I stood out among the grasses of Pickney Island and got a side-lit shot of this oak.

Grasses on Pickney Island

Here are some grasses on Pickney Island shortly before sunset. The sun was low in the sky, more or less behind me.

Boys by Palmetto Palm

There were lots of neat places to visit on Hilton Head Island. Inland, we walked through areas filled with palms.


January in Congaree National Park

It was January 22, when I visited the swamp at Congaree National Park. I walked along the 2.5 mile boardwalk loop, starting with the lower section and ending with the higher section. I wanted to get a variety of scenic shots, including the "knees" of the the cypress trees and the general landscape of the swamp. I think the light is a bit harsh in this image, so I plan to return sometime to get a better shot.

Evidence of a Fire

Toward the end of my walk around the long boardwalk at Congaree National Park, I came across this scene. There had been a forest fire here (earlier that fall, perhaps, or maybe the previous spring?). This area had a lot less undergrowth than the rest of the forest. And you can see the dark marks left behind as the fire burned the surface of the tree bark.

Record-Size Loblolly Pine

My tripod and timer helped me get this shot of the record-size loblolly pine at Congaree National Park. According to their website, this tree is 16 stories tall. I added myself to the shot to show the perspective. It's hard to tell how large a tree is without something else beside it to give you a relative idea of its size.

Cypress "Knees"

This photo taken at Congaree National Park shows the Cypress "knees" that are extensions of the roots. They rise above the level of typical flood water so that the tree roots can get oxygen even when the swamp is flooded. Yes, trees need to breath. I like the way the light shines on the "knees" in the foreground, though it's a little bit harsh and so there is a bit more contrast than I would like.

Eventually, I'll add more photos from Congaree National Park and also from other places in SC. I might also add a few shots from Savannah, GA. Stay Tuned.

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